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Secure VPN with MFA

Adding an additional layer of authentication with MFA for your VPN login to secure your user identity

  Cloud and On-Premise Both Variants Available

  Enable MFA for your VPN in 15 minutes - No need to install a Separate Radius Proxy Module for our MFA service

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VPN MFA Multi-Factor Authentication

Streamline Workforce and Customer security with designated features

Features Section

15+ Authentication Methods

VPN MFA supports 15+ authentication methods such as OTPs over SMS & Emails, Authenticator Apps, Hardware Tokens, etc.

IP Restriction (Adaptive MFA)

Restrict access to your VPN users based on IP, Device, and Geo -Location, configured by admin.

All RADIUS Protocol Support

We support all RADIUS protocols such as CHAP, PAP, etc to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for VPNs.

Easy to Install

Enable MFA for your VPN in just 15 minutes. miniOrange's MFA for VPN solution is easy to deploy and use.

Adaptive Authentication

Reduces authentication burden. Prompts for strong authentication only it's needed the foremost.(changed geographical area, device change, network change etc)

Multiple Protocol Support

With VPN MFA Solution you can integrate with any third-party MFA authenticator apps such as Google, Microsoft, Authy, etc

Integrate with Your VPN

miniOrange integrates with a wide range of VPNs and remote applications and supports more than 15 MFA methods of authentication.



Secure authentication for all environments, protecting identity and access to data wherever users go. miniOrange MFA can help secure your VPN via factors such as OTPs, physical tokens, & authenticator apps.


Simplicity for both end users and administrators. VPN MFA is easy to deploy & gives administrators more flexibility, visibility and control. miniOrange's MFA for VPN is simple for end users to verify their identity when accessing VPN.


MFA solution extends and adapts to all areas of your organization. miniOrange's MFA plays a pivotal role providing visibility in all risk areas from on-premises networks, to mobile devices and to the cloud.

Our Customers across the World...

DBS miniOrange Integration Success Story

"miniOrange provided DBS with a solution to restrict access to Fortigate VPN with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Because the organisation wanted the entire setup to be protected from internet exposure,..."

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MFA for VPN Pricing

*To get volume discounts for higher user tiers contact us or mail us at idpsupport@xecurify.com



per user per month (Upto 50 users)



per user per month (Upto 50 users)

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