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miniOrange now provides VDI Solutions for pre-integrated apps

miniOrange has added VDI solution to the Identity Platform which will provide solution to your pre-integrated apps.Virtual Desktop Infrastructure offers a complete solution for managing and providing access to virtualized desktop environments hosted in the datacenter & enables organizations to simplify administration, reduce operating costs, increase the utilization of existing IT assets, and boost security by moving from a traditional desktop environment to a virtual desktop architecture.

Read MoreMarch, 2021

Checkout Data Center Compatible User Sync apps

miniOrange released Data Center compatible versions for Jira , Confluence and Bitbucket User Sync and Group Sync plugin. Now you can easily manage users and groups on your IDP and those details can be automatically synced to both Atlassian Server and Data Center Modules.

Jira      BitbucketMarch, 2021

Wix Single Sign-On (SSO) for Webpage

Introduced customizations support in Wix mobile app to integrate sample code for enabling Single Sign-On (SSO).By Configuring Wix Application in miniOrange, users can access Wix Account Using IDP credentials through the Single-sign-on URL.

Read MoreDecember, 2020

Secure access to Squarespace with miniOrange

To Single Sign-On (SSO) for Squarespace, miniOrange now provides the script to retreive values from JWT in order to sucessfully redirect its users to Squarespace with single set of credentials.

Read MoreDecember, 2020

Webflow Single Sign-On (SSO) solution

Ready-to-use integrated SSO solution released where a logged in user's existing session can be used to log the users into Webflow by creating a valid JSON Web Token ( JWT ). Webflow users will not have to worry about maintaining separate credentials & can log into the Webflow platform using their existing credentials.

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Shopify ecommerce Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication

miniOrange now Provides Secure Single Sign-On (SSO) access to Shopify applications. Shopify users will have seamless access to their portal through their existing accounts & doesn't have to maintain a separate set of credentials for logging in to Shopify.

Read MoreDecember, 2020

Cyber Forensics

miniOrange Cyber Forensics seeks to provide a platform to inform and help victims of cyber frauds like UPI, OLX, OTP, Tinder etc. While also providing you with the latest information from the world of digital threats. With apps available to deter and track down attackers, we hope to provide you with all the information to keep yourself safe from all types of fraud that you may encounter online.

Read MoreDecember, 2019

Network security

miniOrange cloud security platform prevents and protects your website against Brute Force attack, Denial of Service (DOS) attack, phishing, malware, damage, unauthorized access, and other online security threats. Introducing a complete website security solution to protect your WordPress website. Covering all security issues like Injection, Scripting, Brute force, DOS and many others.

Read MoreDecember, 2019

API security

miniOrange API Security and Management delivers security to protects your APIs from unauthorized access without sacrificing user experience.

Read MoreNovember, 2019

REST API Access using OAuth Confluence

miniOrange released Confluence REST API Access using OAuth/OIDC app, Confluence provides REST APIs to perform number of operations such as Create Issue, Add Comment, Raise a ticket, etc. The REST API Authentication plugin for Confluence allows you to use any third party OAuth 2.0 provider/ OpenID provider to authenticate REST APIs.

Read MoreNovember, 2019

Released Drupal7 OAuth Client module

First release of OAuth Client module for Drupal7. OAuth Client module for Drupal allows you to login into your website with Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other custom OAuth providers. miniOrange OAuth Client module works with any OAuth provider/server that conforms to the OAuth 2.0 standard.

September, 2018

LDAP Proxy Released

miniorange has just come out with the first version of its LDAP Proxy! It resides in the "Demilitarised Zone (DMZ)" between a cloud-based application and an internal LDAP, and is responsible for forwarding LDAP requests from the application to the on-premise server. This allows the application to access the proxy for LDAP integration, whilst the internal directory remains unexposed within the network, creating an overall higher level of security.

June, 2018

OAuth Client Connector For BitBucket & Bamboo Released

miniOrange has just come out with our OAuth Client BitBucket & Bamboo Connector! Users can now deftly and securely log into their BitBucket Server using G-Suite, Slack, Discord, Windows, and a variety of other custom OAuth Servers!

Read MoreJune, 2018

miniOrange Identity Provider (IDP) Now Available On-Premise

Introducing our first ever On-Premise IDP Server! It's fully centralized and makes managing and synchronizing your various identities simple. The IDP is designed as a unified platform for all your Identity and Access Management needs, by combining a variety of functions into one featureful product. Integrate it easily with any system and enhance capabilities with connectors.

Read MoreOctober, 2017

miniOrange as a WS-FED Server

Introducing miniOrange as a WS-Federation Server. miniOrange now supports the WS-Federation protocol, allowing Single Sign-On between legacy applications that also support it. miniOrange can also now leverage existing ADFS infrastructure over the WS-Federation protocol. Applications' protection is greatly improved by adding a second layer of security.

Read MoreSeptember, 2017

OAuth Client Connector for JIRA

Announcing the OAuth Client Connector for JIRA! This new product supports login to JIRA Servers with G-Suite, Slack, Discord, Windows, and various other custom OAuth Servers.

August, 2017

Single Sign-On Support Added With HAKA Federation For WordPress

HAKA is the primary identity federation for higher education and research institutions located in Finland. With the miniOrange SAML Plugin, it is now possible to configure multiple IDPs registered with HAKA. Users can now easily authenticate without using external software. By acquiring user details, the ability to enable the auto-provision of users is now catered for! To find out more, click

Read MoreApril, 2016

OAuth Authentication Now With A SAML-Complaint IDP

miniOrange has now developed a product allowing users to configure their application to become an OAuth Client, but still use SAML-Compliant IDPs (e.g. ADFS) for authentication. By facilitating the integration of custom applications by making them OAuth Clients, and using a SAML-Compliant IDP for authentication, the tool enhances productivity without sacrificing security in the best way possible! Read more about it

Read MoreApril, 2016

Single Sign On (SSO) With Multiple Identity Providers

We now support Multiple-IDP configuration. This allows a group of users to authenticate with different IDPs. Often, users are distributed across a variety of IDP servers, and the product proves useful in this scenario.

Read MoreApril, 2016

Globally Respected Brands Trust miniOrange

A few of our recent customers include: Intel, Renault, UNICEF, Fox, the United Kingdom Government and Harvard University!

November, 2015

200% Increase In Customer Acquisition Per Month

Our user count is increasing by 200% month over month! Check out the below graph to follow our progress: count is increasingSeptember, 2015

miniOrange Authentication Platform And Services Presented At SC Congress Conference 2014, New York

SC Congress is a dynamic conference that aims to amplify the latest in cybersecurity for CISO's, CTO's, and industry professionals. miniOrange was present and displayed its platform to the attendees.

October, 2014

miniOrange Authentication Service for Dropbox Released

miniOrange has recently integrated Dropbox with its Authentication Service, providing enterprises secure accessibility and complete control over applications. By implementing our Single Sign-On service, logging in with a single set of login credentials is now possible for our users!

October, 2014

"I'M ME" Released For Mobile

We have just released our "I'M ME" application for Android and IOS! Users can now support stronger authentication methods, including: Push Notifications, Soft Tokens, Voice Authentication, and Mobile Authentication.

November, 2013

OTP Over SMS Authentication Method Released

The miniOrange Authentication Service is now released for cloud! Our first available authentication method is: "OTP Over SMS".

July, 2013

miniOrange Strong Authentication Products Released For Cloud

The miniOrange Strong Authentication products are now available for the cloud!

July, 2013

miniOrange Conceptualized

technology architects, with a background in security themselves. Unwilling to continue in their day jobs, the team began miniOrange. The company was built from the ground up by a group of experienced

October, 2012

Blogs & Insights


Covid-19 Vaccination Drive


We successfully organized a drive on the 10th of June 2021 in collaboration with Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Center. 100+ people were vaccinated with their first dose. We also successfully conducted another walk-in drive on 23rd July 2021 at 101, Sanskriti Aspire, Dhande Path Lab Building, Baner.

Health & Fitness Challenges


We concluded a variety of fitness & outdoor challenges for our employees. We aim to build a culture of health in our organization & a strong team bonding. We held challenges such as the 100Km+ Walking challenge, Strength Challenge, Healthy Habits challenge, Surya Namaskar challenge and a variety of Weekend Activities like Cooking healthy food, Best painting, Cycling and what not. Lastly, the chance to win exciting prizes for getting fit made these challenges interesting to participate in.

Our Contribution towards Covid-19


The coronavirus pandemic stands as a life changing threat to thousands of people across the country.We at miniOrange as a whole wanted to give back to the community and help those in need. Through the months of April and May close to 90 miniOrange employees went to work at the grassroot levels of local communities. Providing aid, rations and other necessities to those struck hardest in this crisis

Cricket Tournament


As a part of relaxation, a cricket tournament was organized for the people at miniOrange. Besides the extended bonding opportunities, it also encouraged healthy competition. What better way to give your team the much-needed break they deserve? The event was successful in terms of bringing everyone together for the sporting event which was not only competitive, but also encouraged teamwork in a positive way

Sports academy


The State & District level cross country competition held for our Sports interns was an event full of energy & enthusiasm. From PowerPeak Olympic Distance triathlon to full distance marathon our interns participated with great enthusiasm