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Configure Azure AD for automatic user provisioning with miniOrange

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) User Provisioning guide describes the steps needed to set up automatic user provisioning between Azure AD and miniOrange. When configured, miniOrange will automatically provision and de-provision users and groups to/from Azure AD using the miniOrange Provisioning service. For more information on how user provisioning works you can see User Provisioning & Deprovisioning .

The SCIM Protocol uses SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) to automate user provisioning. SCIM provides communication between Identity Providers (IDP) and Service Providers (SPs), allowing for consistent user data storage that can be shared with different applications. This automation reduces the risk of error and simplifies complex exchanges.

Azure AD Provisioning flow

Provisioning & Deprovisioning Scenarios

miniOrange provides solutions for all scenarios of provisioning, which includes AD Integration, LDAP Integration and automated provisioning for all External Applications such as Office 365, Google Workspace, Workday, etc

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide given below to setup Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Provisioning

1. Setup Provisioning in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

  • Login into miniOrange Admin Console.
  • Go to the External directories, Click on Add Directory.
  • click Add Directory for Azure AD provisioning

  • Configure ldap as a User Store to set up user provisioning with AD/LDAP. You can choose any of the user store mentioned there.
    • Store LDAP Configuration in miniOrange: Keep configuration in miniOrange. Make sure to open the firewall to allow incoming requests to your LDAP.
    • Store LDAP Configuration On-Premise: Keep configuration in your premise and only allow access to LDAP inside premises. You will have to download and install miniOrange gateway in your premise.
    Configure LDAP for Azure AD provisioning

  • In the Provisioning section and select Active Directory from the dropdown.
  • Enter the Admin Username and click on Verify Credentials.
  • Azure AD Provisioning Setup

  • In User Provisioning/Deprovisioning tab enable the provisioning features such as Import User, Create User, Edit User, Delete User and Password Sync which you want for users.
  • Azure AD Provisioning Configure Users

  • In Group Provisioning/Deprovisioning tab enable the group provisioning features such as Import Group, Create Group, Delete Group and Add/Remove Group membership of User.
  • Azure AD Provisioning: Google Workspace Provisioning Configure

  • Click Save.

2. Import Users

  • To import the users from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), go to the Import Users tab.
  • Select the Active Directory from the drop down menu and click on import.
  • Azure AD Provisioning: Import user from AD for provisioning

  • Now go to the Users >> User List and you will find the all the users imported from Active Directory.

3. Import Groups

  • To import groups from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), go to the Import Groups tab.
  • Select the Active Directory from the drop down menu and click on Import.
  • Azure AD Provisioning: Import groups from AD for provisioning

4. Create Users

  • To create a user in miniOrange, Go to Users >> User List >> click on the Add User button.
  • Fill out user basic information and click on Create User button.
  • Azure AD Provisioning Add User

  • After creating user in miniOrange it will automatically create the same user in Azure AD.
  • View user details after AD Provisioning

5. Edit Users

  • To update user profile, Go to Users >> User List.
  • Select a particular user and in Actions dropdown select Edit.
  • Azure AD Provisioning Select Edit User

  • Fill out user updated information and click on Save button.
  • Azure AD Provisioning Edit User

6. Delete Users

  • To delete user, Go to Users >> User List.
  • Select a particular user and in Actions dropdown select Delete.
  • Azure AD Provisioning Select Delete User

  • A pop up will appear in which click on Yes button.
  • Azure AD Provisioning Delete User

7. Password Sync

  • To send password sync emails to the users with link to reset their Active Directory account password, Go to Users >> User List and click on On Boarding Status tab.
  • Select users and in Select Action dropdown select Send Activation Mail with Password Reset Link.
  • Click on Apply.
  • Azure AD Provisioning Password Sync

  • Click on the activation link and it will direct to reset password.
  • Once, the new password is set it will be synced.

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