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What is a Reverse Proxy Server?

A Reverse Proxy server sits between origin servers and incoming traffic requests for websites and applications, to ensure safety for public cloud application security before forwarding the requests to the backend server.

What is Reverse Proxy Application security and delivery?

  • It can easily handle both dynamic content and static content.
  • A reverse proxy is like an endpoint that intercepts the first HTTP requests.
  • It secures origin servers and data centers against DDoS attacks, for a secure server and client communication.
  • The HTTP request forwarding is smooth and seamless for a clean user experience throughout.

How to setup Reverse Proxy Server

We have a world-class support team available 24/7 to help you in setting up your own reverse proxy server. The process flow is fairly simple.

Reverse Proxy Server will receive user request. Admin user request goes to reverse proxy server.
When a user tries to access a resource, the request typically goes to the origin resource server.
Reverse Proxy server request will be redirected to Origin server. Request redirected to Origin server.
Instead, it will be received by the miniOrange Reverse Proxy, and then redirected to the origin server.
Origin server sends response via Reverse Proxy Server. The response is sent to user via Reverse Proxy Server.
The resource server will grant resource access (if criteria are fuliflled) by responding via the Reverse Proxy.

Benefits of a Reverse Proxy Server

Boost Productivity    

   miniOrange Reverse Proxy is a single point of access for all origin servers, providing improved site performance and user experience.

Easy to Use    

   Manually setting up a reverse proxy server for Windows or any other operating system is a task, but with our services, you can simply achieve this by simply following our setup guide.

Improves Security    

   Reverse proxy acts as a protective shield between your server and the people accessing its resources. It checks if requests are legitimate before granting access, effectively working as a load balancing solution.

Reverse Proxy Benefits

    Flexible Pricing

  miniOrange offers a competitive price for all Reverse Proxy solutions with the best in class features compared to “Open Source” providers in the industry.

    World Class Support

  miniOrange provides world-class 24/7 support and our customers vouch for our solution and support for handling traffic between client and server HTTP requests.

    Customization Support

  In addition to IP restriction, load balancing, static and dynamic caching, and monitoring traffic, we can customize our solution to meet your needs for Gating and to secure access to other platforms such as Shopify, Google Workspace, and many more.

Reverse Proxy vs Forward Proxy

Both a Reverse Proxy and Forward Proxy are servers used to protect elements in a network. However, they protect different members and have different features. Let’s have a look.

Reverse Proxy vs Forward Proxy
Difference between Reverse Proxy Server vs Forward Proxy Comparison between Reverse Proxy and Forward Proxy

Reverse Proxy

A Reverse Proxy is a server that receives a client's request and passes it to one of many other servers. On the other hand, a Forward Proxy is a server that redirects traffic between clients and another system, generally, one that is not connected to the network. Essentially, a reverse proxy protects the resource server, while a forward proxy protects users and clients accessing the resources.

Forward Proxy vs Reverse Proxy Difference between Forward Proxy and Reverse Proxy

Forward Proxy

A forward proxy may also be used by a client to hide their IP address and access resources they don’t have permission to. A reverse proxy, however, protects the origin server from attacks and malicious users, provides tools like Nginx and others mentioned below.

Features of Reverse Proxy

Rate Limiting

SSL/TLS Offloading


Access Control

IP/ Location/ Device based restriction

Traffic Monitoring/Analytics

URL Rewriting

Load Balancing

Caching and Data Compression

Content Caching and Data Compression

A proxy cache keeps a copy of the most recent version of a webpage or resource, reducing loads on the server. Data compression reduces transmit times and storage space required.

Know More about Content Caching 

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IP Restriction

Location Restriction

Time Restriction


Rate Limiting

Bot Traffic Mitigation

Device Restriction

DDoS Alerts


Content Caching

Load Balancing

URL Rewriting

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Analytics

Server Health Checks

Authentication & Authorization

Role Based Access Control


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Advanced Security

Advanced Bot Traffic Mitigation

Advanced DoS, DDoS, Slowloris Prevention

SaaS Application Management


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