SCIM Provisioning 

With System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) Provisioning - automate user onboarding & offboarding with identity lifecycle management that provides seamless communication between directories & cloud apps.

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SCIM Provisioning Gateway

What is SCIM Provisioning

Essentially, SCIM provisioning enables businesses to effectively manage user identities in the cloud and add or delete user inside their organisation, which has positive effects on budgets, lowers risk, and streamlines workflows

SCIM or System for Cross-domain Identification Management specification (opens new window) is an open standard for managing user identity information.SCIM Provisioning includes a schema for describing people and groups, as well as a REST API for performing CRUD operations on those resources. SCIM Provisioning's purpose is to protect the transmission of MFA Integrations user identification data between your company's cloud apps and any third-party service providers, such as business SaaS services.

Simplify user/group permissions

User Account Provisioning

User account provisioning is the business procedure used by an information technology (IT) system to grant and regulate access to resources. In order to be effective, an account provisioning method must ensure consistent and simple management of account creation and access to software and data.

Group Provisioning

Group Provisioning is required when you wish to keep the same user hierarchy and access control in many apps at the same time. Between multiple programmes, you may sync users with their correct group names.

Automated Provisioning

Automatic provisioning refers to creating user identities and roles in the cloud applications that users need access to. In addition to creating user identities, automatic provisioning includes the maintenance and removal of user identities as status or roles change.

SCIM User Provisioning Flow

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miniOrange SCIM Provisioning gateway integrates with a wide range of SaaS applications and directories.

How does Scim Provisioning Work?

SCIM automates the provisioning and de-provisioning process by utilising a standardised REST API with data written in JSON or XML that specifies the client and server roles and enables for the seamless and safe transfer of user identification data. SCIM provisioning is simple to implement since it is compatible with current web model standards.

The identity provider (IDP) , which stores all of the user's information and identity, is usually a client. Service Providers are SaaS/cloud apps that require information from the identity provider.'Create,' 'Update,' and 'Delete' operations conducted in the IDP (where user data is kept) are automatically synchronised with the SPs (SaaS apps like Salesforce, AWS, Zoom, and others), or any IDP may 'Read' the user information from the SP and add it to its directory.This improves the security of user data while also simplifying the user lifecycle management procedure.

Benefits of SCIM Provisioning

Automate Provisioning & De Provisioning

Security concerns are increased by manual provisioning and de-provisioning procedures. Now, add automatic user access management to further reinforce your security. As a result, SCIM efficiently centralises identification and maintains data synchronisation between identity providers and service providers.

Enhance Productivity

Streamlining user lifecycle management across apps will increase team productivity by automating record monitoring, onboarding and offboarding , or inadequate partner-partner user interactions.

Reduce Cost

Automated real time provisioning and elimination of idle user accounts/licenses reduces your organization costs

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