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Workforce Identity

Protect and empower your employees, contractors and partners with simple and secure access to business resources with miniOrange Workforce Identity solution.

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What is Workforce Identity and Access Management (WIAM)?

Workforce Identity and Access Management (WIAM) refers to the strategies, processes, and tools used to manage how workforce members access and use organizational resources, as well as how their identity and account data is stored. This helps to protect organizational data from breaches. It allows IT administrators to manage access to services and resources for employees and partners securely.
Workforce IAM allows you to use an external IdP to authenticate and authorize a workforce to access organizational resources. Workforce IAM products help businesses become agile and comply with privacy regulations while safeguarding against data breaches. Your ideal Workforce IAM solution should include the ability to ensure a secure and frictionless experience for users.

Secure Digital Experience for your Workforce

Frictionless Secure Login

Avoid the burden of signing in and out many times for app access and improve your Workforce Productivity.

Remote Workforce Access

Get secure access to tools and devices they require in a timely manner from any location – without compromising security.

Security with ease

Use our services without a second thought. Let us worry about the Security and Privacy of your customers.

Migrate and reduce IT Friction

Reduce your costs by migrating to the cloud and enhancing your organization's resources.

Improve Agility

Organize IAM solutions that can be adopted and used by the workforce right away.

Collaboration with Partners

Reduce IT complexities that arise as a result of partnership expansion and collaboration.

Build a stack for your workforce Identity use cases

Single Sign-On

Identity Brokering

Two Factor Authentication

Adaptive MFA

Directory Authentication

Lifecycle Management

OAuth 2.0 Server

Single Sign-On

One-click secure access to everything your workforce needs.

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SSO Solution for your workforce

Identity Broker

Gateway service which connects multiple apps with various external IdPs supporting different protocols.

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Allow workforce to login using identity brokering

Two Factor Authentication

Secure Workforce identity with an additional layer of authentication check.

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Add additional layer of secure for your applications and workforce

Directory Authentication

One Directory to manage all identities, groups, and devices on-premises or in the cloud.

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Manage all identities, groups, and devices from one place

Adaptive MFA

Validate Workforce Identities and their access with strong pre-defined risk factors.

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Additional layer of Multi-Factor authentication security based on risk and access.

Lifecycle Management

Streamline creation of app accounts, their access requests and termination like a pro with an easy-to -implement Provisioning solution.

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Create, manage, & delete your external and internal user’s access to on-premises, cloud, and SAAS apps account.

OAuth 2.0 Server

Verify identity of end-users based on the authentication performed by an Authorization Server.

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Login to our portal with approval of resource-owner or enduser using their Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

What our Clients Say about Us

Workforce Identity client - DBS Bank

DBS Bank

Secure SSO and MFA solutions for DBS Bank.

With operations in 17 markets, the bank has a regional network spanning more than 250 branches and over 1,100 ATMs across 50 cities.Along with MFA.

Industry Finance
Employees 500+

Workforce Identity Client - GEA Entertainment

GEA Entertainment

SSO and MFA Solution for GEA.

The key was the SAML standard, which supports Identity Provider Discovery. miniOrange, based on the information provided by GEA, created a new Identity Provider Discovery flow.

Industry Entertainment
Employees 300+

Workforce Identity Client - Emirates Transport

Emirates Transport

Single Sign On (SSO) for Emirates Transport.

Emirates Transport had its user information stored in an external SAML IdP. All of these users were authenticated against this external SAML IdP in order to single sign-on into Oracle EBS.

Industry Finance
Employees 1500+



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