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Privileged Access 
Management (PAM)

Privileged Access Management solution offers additional security to privileged accounts.

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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

What is Privileged Access Management (PAM)?

PAM accounts are special accounts that function as superusers or administrators. Privileged accounts have access to more capabilities than regular users. Protection and management of privileged access accounts is critical since any kind of security or data breach will compromise the security of the whole ecosystem. And so, accounts that have information about every other user account and other exclusive access need more layers of security. All the above-mentioned issues can be efficiently resolved through a PAM solution, in the form of additional security known as a Privileged Access Management Solution.

How PAM helps to avoid Cyber Threats

Limit Privilege

Limiting the access of applications, technology, and people, to privileged users automatically ensures that any traces of wrongful entrances are also diminished.

Protect against Data Breach

It minimizes the number of rights for every privileged account and so if that account gets compromised it will be within a very narrow scope of a data breach.

Protect credentials

Protects credentials of confidential software, accounts, privileged accounts, and other related systems. All this is managed in a secure repository.

Automatic Sync

After updating a user in miniOrange, it will automatically get updated in all the integrated directories/applications.

Understanding PAM - Privileged Access Management

Privileged accounts can pose a considerable risk to an organization’s security if they get compromised; hence, privileged access management becomes indispensable. Let us take a scenario where the credentials of a normal user account get compromised. The hacker will have access to information and access rights of that particular account only. On the other hand, if any privileged account gets compromised, the hacker will have far more comprehensive access to details of not just one user but information access on many levels and of several accounts.

Due to the sensitive nature and rights of privileged accounts, cyber criminals target them, which further enables them to successfully compromise the security of the whole organization. According to research by Forrester, nearly 80 percent of data breaches involve privileged accounts getting targeted. This is where Privileged Access Management - PAM plays an indispensable role by providing granularity as it helps an organization to have full control and management over the activities happening in their ecosystem.

How miniOrange seamlessly integrates with PAM solutions
to secure your sensitive data and secure your accounts

Simple, Unified User access

Centralized monitoring & control

With miniOrange Privileged Access Management systems, end users do not need to worry about administrative overheads and central monitoring. We provide PAM services, which take care of your security, administrative, and access management and help you focus on your core business.

Secure access control

Since privileged access denotes exclusive access abilities beyond a standard user. miniOrange’s PAM services enable organizations to make their IT infrastructure fool-proof and secure. We offer a fool-proof access control system by managing the confidentiality of sensitive data that safeguards access to the entire business infrastructure.

Secure remote access

miniOrange enables secure access for all remote employees as well as vendors to the Privileged Access Manager, regardless of their geographical location. We ensure remote users confirm their identities each time they request access to any sensitive data. With our biometric MFA, we authorize access only by confirming identities through pre-defined authorization methods such as by using smartphones or dynamic QR codes.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) Features

Privileged Access Management (PAM)- Easy Integration with advanced Security

Easy Integration with advanced Security

Better management of privileged accounts through MFA

miniOrange’s Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that asks a user to provide two or more verification proofs to gain access to a resource. Since more and more hackers are targeting privileged accounts and their credentials, authentication by more than two methods can be used to secure, control, and monitor privileged accounts.

Adaptive MFA and SSO

miniOrange’s adaptive MFA and SSO aim to secure your workforce by keeping threats and malicious users away. This is done by validating privileged accounts and giving secure access to business resources with a single sign-on. Our Al-powered engine’s analytics is designed to generate insights and protect end-user activities.

Seamless user provisioning & deprovisioning operations

In a PAM system, employee/user accounts are created, updated, deleted, and given proper access across multiple applications and systems. On the other hand, deprovisioning protects the organization's security and confidentiality by preventing former employees from accessing corporate resources after they leave.

Additional Security Options

Malicious activity detection & response

miniOrange’s PAM service tracks user activities on a granular level. Any violation of security-related policies or abnormal patterns by a privileged account or any other user automatically sends an alert to the IT admin. Our solution offers state-of-the-art and policy-driven rectification capabilities.

Privileged session manager

We know privileged users have wider and unlimited access to several cloud management consoles, web-based applications, etc. Privileged session manager traces and records a detailed transcript of all web activities of a user, this way an auditor can monitor every session to keep an eye on any malicious activities.

Customization & Flexibility

miniOrange offers a plethora of customization options that enable users to tailor their organization branding for their end users as per their liking. Businesses can customize their organization’s login page, logo, favicon, and user sign-up page. It gives the flexibility to modify how an organization wants its pages to be seen by end users.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) - Additional Security

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